I’m a Woman and I Shave My Face (Appreciation)


I cannot imagine that I am sharing this on the Internet. And at the risk that I am not going to get a date ever again in this life: I shave my face. (I have never thought that I have something in common with Carolina Manzo)

To start things, I do not stand in front of the mirror with some Barbasol and Mach3 and begin to work. (I understand some of you are visualizing shaving cream on my face.) Indeed, I have not used any shaving cream at all. So let me explain for you…

With blond hair lip I grew up. (I realized that you call it a mustache; however I have tried to avoid it at all costs.) I was intimidated about it. I have not deal with terrible acne on my face (which appeared later in life) however it was granted along with a patch of blond hair on my upper lip.  All the guys have bit fuzz. That is not a big deal. However it was not peach fuzz, it was very obvious. I was ready to suffer whatever it took to abolish my furry friend looking at me in the face every morning.

I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face (Appreciation)

I’m a Woman and I Shave My Face (Appreciation)

I have tried lost of removable method in the book beginning with Nair. I have also done burning my skin, which did not work. After preventing the pink cream, I have also tried threading and waxing, just to have my skin break out in pustules. This dissuades me from removing facial hair, therefore then I went through bleach the sucker and it did not assist. While I was 18 years old I went through laser hair remove. It did work fine however I went to college and could not fulfill my sessions, and the hair grew again.

Though, one day in 2011, while I was 23 years old, I looked on video in YouTube from a Bachelor in Paradise’s Michelle Money. In fact she is a cosmetologist and she shared a video regarding shaving her face. Have you ever seen this cosmetologist? She is beautiful. I cannot believe that she is involved with any type of beauty crisis, although she and her friends described why they have shaved their faces which were not just for fun, yet as well need to, and then they displayed a tutorial. By watching their shaving led me into an online rabbit hole.

A razor called the Tinkle is suggested by Michelle. You need to order them through online resource (the name is even humiliating), therefore I set out to Sally Beauty Supply, I bought a pack of Touch N Brown razors. I finally shaved my Jaw line, upper lip, under my chin and my forehead. I as well removed the hairs by my ears. I was incredible. I could not stop touching my face.

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