Iman secret of 24-year Marriage After Death of Her Husband David Bowie


Somali Supermodel, Iman says that she was married with late English rock star, David Bowie and their marriage was lasted for 24 years. They loved to each other and they also confessed their love and they were reached at a point in their lives.

She further added that the people should enter in the married life at the right time so that they can have the everlasting relationship with each other. It has the first priority in your life and you should choose it. She gave an interview to the media.

She further added that if you gave importance to your career, then you should get married and have some kids and the women want to be able to get all of this but it is not necessary that one can get all these things at the right time. So the people need to make priority to get all these things at the right time. The 60 years old beauty said that she managed to maintain the status, which she got as celebrity. But their real life was simple and they treated each other as husband and wife.

She said that they knew the difference between a person and the celebrity and at home they were simply Iman and David and nothing. They were married in 1992 and they have a child, 15 years old Lexi, who was born eight years after their marriage.

When her husband was died, she has been kept silent for many months. He has to fight with the cancer disease for 18 months though she shared the inspirational messages on her Twitter account.

David Bowie

David Bowie

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