Innovative Project of Trees Covered Building in China


Nanjing, The work is being carried on a building, which is being covered with trees in China and this unique building is given the title of Jungle tower. This building is comprised of two towers in which one is 656 feet tall while the other is 354 feet tall. When this building will be constructed, the trees and plants will also be grown and these trees and plants will make this beautiful attractive and also provide oxygen to the space equal of 132 pounds or 60 kg.

The design of this building is designed by an Italian designer and this building is giving the title of Nanjing Tower and it is built in a Chinese city. This building will be completed in 2018 and it is called the first vertical jungle of Asia.

Under this project, 1000 trees and 2500 bushes and plants of 23 different types will be grown on these two buildings. This building will be included with residential flats, club and museum and people can watch the greenery of the building from the balconies of the building. These plants will create the local biodiversity and half of the trees will be of large size and remaining trees will be of medium and small sizes.

The buildings having greenery have already been constructed in Italian city, Milan and Swiss city, Lausen. These trees provide fresh oxygen to the residents and these buildings also absorb the carbon dioxide.

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