Introducing the PitiCure: A “Manicure” For Your Underarms

Introducing the PitiCure A Manicure For Your Underarms
Introducing the PitiCure A Manicure For Your Underarms

Introducing the PitiCure A Manicure For Your Underarms

Ever feel like you’re a little too wet, a little too itchy, or a bit even unsure about under your arm uncomfortable feeling. Unfortunately I’m not at all comfortable talking about it with my friends that I definitely do. Armpits and all of the skin issues that go along with them, for whatever reason are still pretty taboo, but anymore it doesn’t have to be that way. To speak with NYC dermatologist Dr. Marmur was very refreshing who told us that in silence, lots of women suffer but that’s all about to change hopefully.
There is a solution to Murmur. To help remedy some of the mild skin problems you might be having with your armpits, there’s a new 3-step treatment that you can do in your own shower. The treatment was created by mega beauty brand Dove and is called a “PitiCure”. It is here:
Cleanse: To rid your skin of impurities and debris, clean your armpits with a gentle cleanser using a washcloth.
Rinse and Dry: rinse your skin and pat it dry is the next step. This is very important as forgetting to dry this area will cause water to remain there and eventually exposes and softens the skin to problems.
Deodorize: swipe up, down and up again with a deodorant. Applying an even, thin layer to the entire of the pit, including your sweat glands, that is an additional 3 inch circumference. The glycerin in the formula helps keep your skin balanced, locks in moisture and makes an extra-wide base for easy application.


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