Jessica Simpson Released Namesake Fragrance in August

Jessica Simpson Hot Poster of Fragrance

Jessica Simpson is the business partner of her mother and also is the brand ambassador. She is also giving the counseling to her ailing father and she has launched the beautiful and stunning Parlux Fragrances Inc. in New York. She gathered her team there to give the name to the perfume, which she is going to launch in the market. She said that the team considered various names and she wished that the name of the coming perfume would be given her name. She further added that it was the fun meeting and she wanted to know that how much control she has over the team and she wanted to do so. The new perfume will be introduced in the market during August. She said that this fragrance looks more exciting and more sophisticated.

Jessica Simpson Hot Poster of Fragrance

Jessica Simpson Hot Poster of Fragrance

This fragrance is good looking and it has excellent scent & she has given it the name of Simpson. She told this in the reality show of MTV. She has also solidified the celebrity beyond the music. She has also said that she has already released the fragrance in 2008 under the Fancy franchise. She was entered into 30s and she had two children at that time. She was settled with her fiancé and the professional former football player, Eric Johnson. Then she developed her fashion brand and the sale of the brand was expanded to $1 billion in global sales and this sale was expanded to about 32 categories. It is also added that the revenue of the fashion brand is also boosted to $20 million in the initial year.

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