Jessie J doesn’t feel ‘appreciated’ in UK

Jessie J doesn’t feel ‘appreciated’ in UK
Jessie J doesn’t feel ‘appreciated’ in UK

Jessie J doesn’t feel ‘appreciated’ in UK

Jessies J feels that she’s not much appreciated in her own country UK. The 27-year-old singer is shifting to Los Angeles after selling her home in London because she thinks that US will respect her talent.

She said while speaking to a newspaper that the people in UK don’t appreciate her voice while she’s respected as a singer in America. She wants her voice to be taken seriously because she has dedicated all her life to singing.

She added that people here are more concerned about her meals and relationships.

In 2011, she was known as a bisexual and lot of questions are asked about her relationships and she also admits that it’s wrong on her part that she gives more than necessary information about her personal life.

She said that sometimes she says many things at times when she should not tell anything and gives such a big statements.

Jessie also believes that due to her disorganization, it’s difficult to her on a date. She said that she’d order spaghetti Bolognese or ribs on a date and will eat all of them. And she’d become intensely full on the date. It is like that she’s going to be a very good girlfriend of a person and few people might not like that. So, to relax more is better for her.

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