John Galliano Spring 2016 RTW Collection


John Galliano is the leading and popular fashion designer, who is exhibiting the latest and unique dress collection with premium contemporary line to make your look smart. Bill Gaytten is the younger consumer of the fashion dresser and he showed the delightful effect of the dresses of this fashion brand for the spring season. The dresses are ranged from khaki mesh parkas to the excellent ruffled skirts. He also showed the class of the dresses having skinny lace and these are layered with fabric bustiers and polka dot pantyhose.

The lingerie style of the dresses is prepared avoiding the tulle and keeps their looks sporty and the spirited lineup, which are leaned towards party than work. Gaytten is the consumers and he likes the gimmicks meet glamour and the dresses are costly, which restrain himself to the tasteful and wonderful bead embroidery work and the Bobby helmets are feathered by Stephen Jones to represent them in the show. The dresses have the Beatles, ‘Twist and Shout’, which are played with loudspeakers and the dresses are providing in the dynamic show to mark the new beginning for this wonderful and leading fashion brand.

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