Kate Moss for Playboy: Double Confirmed

Kate Moss Wallpaper

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Playboy’s editor director Jimmy Jellinek confirmed that in the 60th anniversary issue this coming Dec, Kate Moss will be appearing. He explained, “This is a massive global brand. You need a global icon in order to celebrate that – that was the impetus…She’s the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years.”

Kate Moss Wallpaper

Kate Moss Wallpaper

It’s been a rumor for a few months, originally published on June 11 but until now, we had no real reason to believe it. Superstar hairstylist Oribe confirmed that a Playboy cover with Kate Moss is really happening, while at his La Fama hair show on Sunday. The shoot is already wrapped, in fact – since he was on set tending to her famous locks, he would know.

The cover is set to run in January, all we know for now but it is assume that it will be very sexy. So, stay tuned.

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