Kate Winslet In Tears As Leonardo DiCaprio Wins For Best Actor

Kate Winslet Leonardo Dicaprio in Tears Lead

When the Oscar award was celebrated, the best actor award was given to Leonardo DiCaprio at the Academy Awards on 28 February. Kate Winslet was happy over the giving away of the award of best actor to him. He has performed the role in the movie, ‘The Revenant’ and there tears of joy in the eyes of Kate.

Kate Winslet, 40, is the biggest fan of Leonardo and she is also nominated for the Oscar award. When he got the Oscar award, she was pleased and she could not hold her emotions and there were tears in her eyes. She was very happy when her favorite artist won the88th Academy Awards on 28 February for his role in the movie, ‘The Revenant’. Now he was succeeded in getting the biggest prize in Hollywood. Kate was nominated for the best supporting actress for her role for the movie, ‘Steve Jobs’ but she did not get this award. She put her hands on the lips and she was watching Leo receiving his best actor award on his wonderful performance in the movie.

Kate and Leo have already performed their roles in the movie, Titanic as Rose and Jack and their movie was the blockbuster of 1997. But their friendship was continued. They also attended the Golden Globes in 1998 and they were the most adorable BFFs in all Hollywood. Their fans want to see them in the role of Rose and Jack in their real lives. It is also revealed that both of them love with each other.

There was no reason that she would sit in her home and she would like to watch Leo taking away the biggest award in his home. There was the big controversy around this ceremony this year and Kate was there to vow to cheer on Leo and her heart was throbbing on his win, lose or draw.

When Kate won the Golden Globe award for the best supporting actress in musical of comedy, while she was performing in the movie, ‘Steve Jobs and she congratulated him. The people were looking their reunion. When she was done her third marriage in 2012, the n Leo went to her husband, Ned Rocknroll.

Kate Winslet Leonardo Dicaprio in Tears Lead

Kate Winslet Leonardo Dicaprio in Tears Lead


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