Kim Kardashian Is Sad Nicki Minaj Made Fun Of Her

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj the musical guest for SNL appeared on Weekend Update to do an impression of Kim Kardashian, over the weekend. Even though what the internet is adding, I did not think it was the great. Other than whenever a musician appeared in a sketch, I have come to demand wooden teleprompter reading and at least a little bit of breaking, therefore I would like to say it was an achievement. Not everyone accepts, though. One of those critics may be Kim Kardashian herself, Surprising.

As per to Hollywood Life (aka Grain of Salt City), Kim seemingly added that her impression by Nicki was funny but inside it hurt her feelings.

“In fact she is acting like she loved it. She might think that it was funny however absolutely mean spirited and was sad although did not get angry at all in front of particular people.”

“She doesn’t desire people to think it got to her however it did. She desires to send flowers over to show her support and look like the good guy although Kim was thinking that it was a bit mean for sure.”

Therefore Nicki, if you got to delivered some flowers to you, relize that they were most likely grown with the help of tears Kim cried over you mean impression, you meanie.

I have regulation that I trust everything I read about the Kardashians, typically as I think every unexceptional source is actually Kris Jenner using different silly voices on the cell phone. I am going to proceed and think this is true. And I would not put it past Kim. It does not take much time for that cry face to appear.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

However Kim, what do you assume while you make poses for photo balancing a champagne glass on your ass and/or showing a scary over the shoulder grin as you naked said ass enclosed with oil and/or staying at attention with your boobies out, as well oiled covered? It is the SNL stuff sketches were made of. Unluckily so is everything else you are doing.

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