Kylie Jenner: ‘I Just Really Want to Be a Businesswoman’

Kylie Jenner Hot Pictures

Kylie Jenner is doing very well with her beauty and fashion business which is flourishing well and now she is not planning by any means to attend university by break the business.

After her provocative cover shoot of a magazine, Jenner told in an interview that she is not going to college at the time as she is able to go college at any time in the future whenever she like due to her business but she is not in a hurry at the moment to attend the college in near future.

Kylie Jenner Hot Pictures

Kylie Jenner Hot Pictures

The magazine says that her sister Kim Kardashian West (35) was calling her ‘good girl’ in the background. In the final years of high school, Kylie was homeschooled and she officially graduated in July while her graduation was celebrated with a surprise party that was arranged by her mother Kris Jenner.

Jenner told the magazine that she wants to be a successful businesswoman which shows that she has big plans for her future even if she is not interested in pursuing her education.

Jenner added that she could become successful in makeup line if she moves forward according to her plans and then like a businesswoman, she would like to start more businesses. She continued that at the age of around 30, she would be stop spreading her business and it will be the time when she will start her own family at a farm or a place like that.

Jenner launched her most anticipated lipstick kit which sold out in minutes which shows that she is on her way to become a successful businesswoman of makeup line.

Kylie Jenner Hot Pictures

Kylie Jenner Hot Pictures

The star is also a promising and devoted follower of fashion. Only in November, she is her sister Kendall launched two new clothing lines. One line was with partnership of Australian label Forever New and other with Topshop. Last years, the two sisters released their first shoe show in collaboration with Steve Madden while they also have a trendy line with PacSun.

Jenner told that she spends most of her busy schedule in producing daily new content for her app and website and during filming.

She told that she is constantly thinking about the videos to shoot and ideas for her app since starting the app and she spends her whole time in this process and she tries to stay as much time as possible in her hometown of Calabasas as she is passionate about this place.

She added that she has achieved more than what most of the 35 year old women gets and it is like looking the half full glass. It is like she realized that she is an 18 years old female who is so much talented. She is very grateful as she works really hard and lives in a beautiful home.

Among the family members, Kylie is not the only family member to miss bachelor’s degree. Only Kourtney and Kardashian are the two family members who have attended college of the six kids of Kardashian/ Jenner family.

36 years old Kourtney initially attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas (Texas) and later after two years, she was transferred to the University of Arizona with a minor in Spanish and major in theatre arts. 28 years old Rob graduated in 2009 from Marshall School of Business of University of Southern California.

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