Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Natural Lips In New Photo: Is She Done Getting Fillers?

Kylie Jenner Natural Colored Lips

A strange photo was posted by Kylie Jenner on social media in which her much fuller artificial lips are shown flying away which are replaced by her natural thin and smaller lips. She captioned ‘Fly away my friends’ which shows she has decided to get rid of her filler lips.

For past several months, Kylie Jenner was much criticized for using lip fillers and now it seems she has decided to abandon these lips. The star posted her strange picture in which her filled lips were seen flying away from her face.

‘Fly away my friends’ was the caption of the picture in which there are two angel wings that are taking her lips away. In place of her large lips, the picture shows both her thinner and smaller lips. It clearly shows that she is trying to tell her 53.6 million fans that it is the end of cosmetic procedure of her lips.

Kylie Jenner Natural Colored Lips

Kylie Jenner Natural Colored Lips

The much larger lips of Kylie are often criticized. At last in May 2015, she finally admitted to have lip injections. She said that she used temporary lip fillers that was her desire. But her confession came quite late after her use of lip fillers.

Prior to that, Kylie neither denied nor accepted about the reports of using lip fillers whenever she was asked about the matter. She told in November 2014 that she feels uncomfortable about these questions and it seems is talking about it for months. She loves to have big lips that are shown in her pictures. She added that she uses lip liner and thickens her lips by over-lining. She doesn’t care what others are saying about her because there is no other thing involved in her lips.

After accepting her cosmetic procedure, Kylie admitted that she always felt inferiority complex due to her small lips. But now she is ready to have her natural look.

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