Kylie Jenner Will Never Have A Grown Woman’s Body Like Hers, Black Chyna

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Blac Chyna is not backing down yet. Kylie’s turning  out 18 soon, and Blac’s on the attack! Blac wants to convince Tyga that Kylie will never have what she’s rocking, as per to our source!

Kylie Jenner really need to watch her back while she is turning out 18, because Black Chyna is creeping around. Blac’s latest line of attack is that she is mocking Kylie’s body, as per to our sources.

The sources added that Tyga mentioned, “That still irks Blac that Tyga is with little girl, he gave up what he had with her for a teenager. “However that is life. Blac just prefers Tyga to know that even his little lady is turning out 18, actually she is not going to have a grown woman’s body. She won’t have Blac’s hips, chest, thighs or cakes. It does not matter how much she spending to rebuild her body.”

Kylie is an attractive girl and looking after her body is going a bit too far. These two have been in this fight for long period of time, and this is not the first time that they have dealt blows against each other, everyone knows that Blac loves to poke fun at Kylie’s lips.

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