Lady Gaga back in cosmic new single and flies to “Venus”

Lady Gaga Image

Lady Gaga goes on an intergalactic-metaphor-fueled ride, commanding her lover to ‘take me to your planet’ on her new ARTPOP single, “Venus”. There’s also talk of baby, oysters and Roman goddess of love herself. It’s a 90s inspired powerhouse, like Katy Perry’s new promo single, ‘Walking on Air’, that takes cues from Crystal Waters, Black Box, etal and C+C Music Factory, but in its reach, it is more esoteric and far stranger. It fits nicely into the ‘Starship Trooper’ dreams of late 70s disco gods Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder, thematically. Into one 3:55-minute song, that’s a lot of ideas packed but like a champ, Gaga pulls it off.

Lady Gaga Wallpaper

Lady Gaga Wallpaper


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