Lamar Odom wants Khloé Kardashian back?

Lamar Odom wants Khloé Kardashian back

Lamar Odom is the 29 years old reality TV star and he wants that Khloe Kardashian back in the life. There were some rumors that Lamar filed a case for divorce from Kardashian against her husband in the court with the complaints of using the cocaine. Her husband has also cheated her on different times. Her 34 years old husband, who is also the basketball player, refused to sign the legal papers and there is still hope for saving the four years marriage.

It was told to the Life Style magazine that Lamar wants that she come back to him. Her husband does not want that their marriage is ended and he is reluctant to sign the divorce papers. He does not want to let her go and want to bring her on the track.

During this time, Khloe made it clear that she does not have the plan to rekindle their romance with Lamar. She told all this and went into the public life with her new boyfriend, French Montana. The family of the star, Khloe with her sister, Kim Kardashian and stepfather, Bruce Jenner are concerned with this matter to boost the profile of the celebrity.

It is also said that they were thinking about him skeptically that he is using Khloe for getting the fame. The couple did not spend time altogether since last April. In this time, Khloe spent her time in Paris and she went to Florence to attend the marriage ceremony of Kim and Kanye West last month. Then she went on the trip to South Africa to attend the Africa Music awards for MTV earlier this month.

Lamar Odom wants Khloé Kardashian back

Lamar Odom wants Khloé Kardashian back

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