Latest Movie ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’

The Girl in the Spider's Web

This new coming movie is the fifth film adaptation of the bestselling ‘Millennium’ and this movie is begun with ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’Noomi Rapace, US director David Fincher, with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig has performed together. This movie is based on the novel in the series. Lisbeth Salander is the cult punk girl heroine, who is heavily tattooed and she is on the mission here in the movie to rescue and get the revenge the group of abused women. This movie will be released on 01 November in Denmark, 8 November in Brazil, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Columbia, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine and Singapore, 9 November in Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, US, South Africa and Lithuania, 21 November in UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Philippines, 22 November in Germany and Argentina.

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