MahaNakhon Futuristic skylines just got crazier


The MahaNakhon is the tallest building in Thailand after its completion on Monday night when this new skyscraper was celebrated in Bangkok. German architect Ole Scheeren was its designer. Asian skylines have been transformed since last decade by untraditional designing of Scheeren. These include winner of the ‘World Building of the Year 2015’, ‘the Interlace’ in Singapore, and the ‘CCTV Tower’ in Beijing.

Scheeren said that he believes in different types of structures different from normal that should be constructed in every part of world. Others can see that all of is building are different from each other because he took different inspirations from different places and situations.

Bangkok rising

In the business district of Bangkok, the luxury tower ‘MahaNakhoon’ shows the same philosophy of the architect. It shows the image of an unfinished building as it is based on the shape of an extruded square where its central tower is connecting several small scale geometric extrusions.

About this building, Scheeren told that building this tower shows an incomplete process. Ole himself lived in Bangkok in th4e 1990s due to which he is familiar with fabric and people of the city. While residing there, he mapped the city for six months for those 250 uncompleted towers that could not achieve completion due to political instability and economic crisis.

He told that the city was trying at that time to retain its strong past and also to develop for an urban future. The result of this strange mixture of modernity and tradition resulted in the strangest types of buildings in Bangkok that can be seen today.

Few of these craziest buildings are elephant building, robot building, UFOs and pyramid building that are standing alongside traditional Thai colors, temples and textures.

Capturing intensity with space

MahaNakon can be called as ‘a testament of strength, according to Scheen, because it survived two national problems including a coup and a big flood.

Scheeren said that the new front side of the building and its large space show different aspects of city and its people including its river, small village like streets, colors, traffic and noise.

Scheeren added that the huge space provide relief to its inhabitants which are the most important component of this building.

Giving importance to the people present in the building shows your connection to the public and urban life of the city.

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