Megan Fox Says Her youngest child ‘a beast’

Megan Fox Says Her youngest child a beast
Megan Fox Says Her youngest child a beast

Megan Fox Says Her youngest child a beast

Megan Fox said that her little son is a beast. She claimed this that she has a youngest son from her husband, Brian Austin Green. The baby, Bodhi is only 5 month old but her body is large. She said that she has already a son, Noah, who is 23 months old from her husband too. She said that she took her youngest son to the doctor and they said that the child has great weight and height. She considered her baby as an enormous beast. She said that her son tries to talk a little bit.

She felt herself guilty, as she is a working-woman. She did not know that how much time, you will have to give to your home, when you have kids and how you would have to manage it. Then you feel that your baby is your whole world and you have to spare time for this baby. If you have two babies, then you will be awfully busy and you will have to meet their needs.

She said that she do not sit her elder son, Noah in front of TV so that she can take care of Bodhi but she helped Noah so that he can look after his younger brother. She ensures her big son to take care of his younger brother and everything will be ready for them. She said that she felt guilt that she cannot give 100 percent attention to her children.

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