Necker island for Luxury Lifestyle

Greek island of Mykonos for Luxury Lifestyle

The executive of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson has the misfortune as in 2011, his Great Hose, which was located on his private Necker island burnt to ground. He had renovated his home after two years and turned his British Virgin island into faux-Balinese resort & opened the Great House once again in October. There is huge capacity to located you and 30 of your friends can get the access to eight guestrooms and balconies, big beds and bathrooms and the clear views of the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans and six individual Bali houses. It will cost you for $60,000 a night. But you will fee hesitation to give them at the rent. He took control of the place for 30 years and during this period, he built 1500 square foot on the upper level and can enjoy with the great views from every angle of the room. It is also provided with the Jacuzzi, enough for two people, outdoor bath, fridge full of stocks, kitchenette and the extensive outdoor terrace with sofas and hammocks. It is also made available with grand pool, two tennis courts and outdoor spa. The desired person can get the whole island on rent for $110,000 for the Branson’s 105 feet catamaran for the whole week. They can also have the services of a captain, seven crewmen and the island has the $98 million for its building.


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