New Hair Color Technique You Have to See


This year, we have seen color trends of several types like rainbow, rose gold and others but the thing we are providing here is the first of its kind. A UK based salon ‘The Chapel’ and American brand ‘Redken’ combined together to create the highlights that they named ‘sponging’. This technique was created by stylist Symon May after looking at the sponge prints made by his kids and experimented to use this technique to copy it on hairs.

May and his team use sponges to creates different shapes on the hair of their clients instead of using normal hair brushes. In order to show edges if different shapes, the method depends on using contrasting colors.

If you are fond of his dying procedure then May advises you to use semi-permanent color because permanent dye will not infuse well in the hair and the result will be dull color son the hair in the end.

At the moment, the experimenting on sponge printing is only done by May and his companions but they are expecting it to spread in other parts of the world soon.

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