New York Mayor Property for Luxury Lifestyle

New York Mayor Property for Luxury Lifestyle

The mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg has maintain his properties in four different places of London, Manhattan, Vail and Colo. He has also a 6,000 sq. feet cottage in Bermuda. The cost of this cottage is $10.5 million and the interior designer of Madonna, Jamie Drake has decorated this cottage and it is also provided with the pool, trellised patio and it is also added with the winding path to make assess to jetty. It gives beautiful view of the town of Tony Tucker and its bay is also full of yachts. In this villa, various guests stayed including the two time presidential candidates Ross Perot and the former Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi. They spent their time in playing the golf at the Mid Ocean club. It is also notified that Tucker’s town has also hosted the PGA Grand Slam in 2007.


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