Nicole Richie’s Purple Hair — It’s Real This Time!

Nicole Richie's Purple Hair

With a photoshopped Instagram pic featuring lavender locks, Nicole Richie fooled beauty editors across the internet last week. When it quickly came to light that we’d been punk’d, we totally fell for it and were nothing short of heartbroken. We’re positively ecstatic today to say that Richie has dyed her hair lilac for real, it appears. And it really looks awesome.
Perhaps through the first photo she wanted to see for herself how frosty lavender locks would look with her skin tone or perhaps it was a test drive to see how the world would react to it. Or maybe she was giving us a peak into the future and had already made her mind up about the decision to dye. To make this bold statement in real life, where its gorgeousness needs no filter, we applaud her decision.
Her perfect cat-eye is also worth calling out. We’re realizing that to candy-colored hair, winged-out liner is the perfect match as to a wild-card look, it adds that bit of classic glamour. Rather than accidental, it keeps unnatural hair colors looking fashionable. Richie right now, we salute everything happening around your face and also you.

Nicole Richie's Purple Hair

Nicole Richie’s Purple Hair


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