Now! Check your weight once a week to lose fat

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It might appears a little strange however researchers have recognized that how frequent you step on the scale to get the weight measure is attached to weight loss, how much is the frequency the faster you slim down.

Dieters the more they weighed themselves the more weight the lost, and the participant will gain weight if they went more a week without weighing themselves, this is what the findings showed.

Lead author Elina Helander from Tempere University of Technology in Finland said that “The more frequent you weigh yourself the more weight you lose”

According to the researchers analyzed 2838 weight counting’s from 40 overweight people who pointed out that weight loss was a personal goal or concern.

The researchers recognized that weight reduction was concerned to how frequent people weighed themselves.

It might be that less vital dieters measure themselves less or that dieters who prevent losing weight stops weighting themselves, the researchers renowned, adding up that this observational study does not pointing out a reason and effect relationship among weigh ins and weight loss.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

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