Outside-the-Box Crayola Collab


On Monday, a limited edition of easy to apply chubby sticks with mango and shea butter for kids who don’t want to color inside the lines was released by Clinique and it is available with lot of affection. These superb lip shades are created by this beauty giant after its collaboration with color experts of Crayola. These sticks are available in their own crayon boxes that will help you feel them with your fingertips.

Senior VP Clinique, Janet Pado, says that instead of fastened to a makeup artist or a mirror it is now better to play and explore options with chubby sticks. The purpose behind release of these boxes is to make you happy. It will remind you your carefree time of childhood. You can play and spend lot of time as you do as a kid.

You can get chubby sticks of several colors in this set including icy blue, mango tango and a bold magenta and all of these have their own specialty. If these are new names for you then you can also have familiar colors of Crayola including brick red and warm taupe. Light brown, true red and several other chubby sticks are available only in a package while few can also be obtained individually.

You can view all the colors of these sticks presented in collaboration of Crayola and Clinique by viewing the pictures below and they will remind your childhood. You should purchase them as early as possible as January is the last month for this deal in the markets.


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