Paris Hilton, Miami spot for Luxury Lifestyle

Paris Hilton Miami spot for Luxury Lifestyle

Paris Hilton is another place, where Beyonce and Jay-z, Boris Becker, Gisele, Lindsay Lohan and Madonna came here on this 40-storey skyscraper building located at the South Beach. It spreads over 7100 square feet and this penthouse has the 40 story and on its 40 floor, there are four bedrooms, and six bathrooms and has the floor to ceiling windows and you can view the scenes from them. It is for $30,000 for a night and the pad has 3,000 square foot & the rooftop terrace along with the summer kitchen, infinity pool and hot tub are there. Tamara, daughter of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is a fan and it was sold for $27 million this year. There are 131 other suits, which are available for the guests there and there are three outdoor swimming pools of different temperature & the lounge chairs for the people to rotate their face to the sun after each hour. They can also use the spa of hotel and they can get the Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Ritual tops more than $400.


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