Salma Hayek Claims Trump Harassed Her

Salma Hayek Claims Trump Harassed Her

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek blamed on Donald Trump that she refused the offer of Donald Trump after which he planted the scandalous story about her by calling her ‘too short’. Hayek said in a recent radio interview that she had personal experience with US Presidential candidate due to which she believes the sexual allegations against Trump.

She told it in detail to a radio station in Los Angeles that she had a boyfriend when she met him. He got her phone number through her boyfriend and then invited her. But she told him that she would not go with him even if she had no boyfriend. He took it as his disrespect. He later told that someone else told to the magazine that he would not like to go with her because she was ‘too short’.

The actress also told that he contacted her even after this tabloid story. Later, he told he that he was not behind that and it’s wrong that people would think about her like this. The purpose of him to say that as she would be ready to go with him so that she could believe others that she is not ‘too short’ and no one is thinking or saying such thing about her.

Prior to that, she also challenged Trump when he replaced 9/11 with 7/11 during his speech in a rally.

Salma Hayek Claims Trump Harassed Her

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