Steven Tyler Apologizes to Nicki Minaj

Steven tyler apologizes to nicki minaj
Steven tyler apologizes to nicki minaj

Steven tyler apologizes to nicki minaj

The reality show American Idols was broadcast in which Rocker Steven Tyler passed some odd comments on Nicki Minaj in which he accused her for racist and called her judges abilities come under influence of racism. Nicki Minaj was judge included in the Judges panel. Now Steven Tyler apologized from her publicly. He was separated from the Judges panel earlier this year.

The Rocker Steven Tyler tweeted his message in which he said that if it was Bob Dylan then she would send him to the cornfield. And if Bob Dylan would be with us then we would have brought best of him out.”

The former Judges panel consisted of Keith Urban and Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler replaced by Nicki Minaj. At that time Jennifer Lopez also exited from the reality show Judges panel this summer. Due to these changes and alterations, he criticized the Nicki Minaj with the allegation of being racist.

Minaj went into rage and exclaimed that he said wrong that I had sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield. She did not comment on the contenders in such way and it is Steven’s mentality to think about others in this way.

According to him, she gave comment that she kept his job but take this matter with the producer and she did not do anything for him. These are the comments which he understood racist mischievously.

When Steven Tyler felt that he said something wrong then he insisted that he understood the remarks mistakenly and he did not want to say what is conceived by others.

When Steven Tyler appeared on the Canadian entertainment show eTalk on Tuesday then he sent message to Minaj for apologizing and committed that he was on the wrong and he did not want to say what is understood by others. He also claimed that he did not blamed Minaj for accusing Bob Dylon as she did not give racist remarks to Nicki.

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