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facia sauna


Don’t you want to look younger by slowing the aging process? Who will not say yes to it…? Don’t waste your time, go to your spa now and have Facial sauna, which will deliver steam, oil and essential minerals to your face, which is quiet relaxing. Facial sauna is the best tool for anti-aging. You should follow all the instructions and guidelines for Facial sauna, to reduce the chances of injury or irritation.


facia sauna

facia sauna

Causes leading to aging:

Many people thinks that aging only occur when a person becomes considerably old.  Well that’s a wrong conception. Aging can also occur even when you are young. There are many factors that can lead to early aging:

  • Our body is exposing to toxins and many chemicals through the things we eat and the environment around us, these toxins enter our body and damage the cell causing oxidative stress. American Academy of Dermatology explains the oxidative stress as a type of extrinsic aging from which our body suffers.
  •  Overexposure to sun and smoking may also lead to aging.
  • Extrinsic aging can occur itself because of wrinkles and age spots.



Aging process can be prevented by Detoxification that is the removal of toxins from the body through pores. This can be done by Facial sauna. The standard sauna or specialized facial sauna consist of steams, which opens the pores of the face, allowing the oil, dirt, particles of dead cells, and other minerals to remove out of the skin. This results in clear rosy complexion and clean pores. Apply a gentle cleanser on your skin after the Facial sauna; it enhances the advantages of the sauna.


Home facial sauna:

Many people can’t afford the high facial sauna costs, but don’t worry!!! I have a perfect solution for you all. Do you know you can have your own facial sauna at home? All you have to do is to take a large mixing bowl and fill it with hot water. Add few drops of sweet smelling essential oil; lavender calms your skin while peppermints gives energy and pep, and grab a towel, that’s it. You have created your very own facial sauna. Now carefully place the towel over your head, bring your face close to the bowl and let the steam touches your face. Caution: be very careful not to burn yourself.

Tips to be remembered:

Although Facial sauna has many benefits for your skin but there are some problems which can be harmful for you if not carefully managed. Facial sauna can cause dehydration, so remember to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure. To make sure that your skin is not drying then you should indulge in short spas treatment for about 10 minutes. Also consult your doctor first, if you have some preexisting medical conditions like pregnancy, rosacea, or other chronic illness.

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