Monica Bellucci Pics

30 Most Attractive Women of 2014

Hollywood conducted a poll according to which the most beautiful women of 2014. In this Hollywood poll, about 24 million people participated and they voted for their best women. we have maintained the rank of the beautiful women according to …

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Jennifer Hudson & Rihanna Seeing Both Bold

A decidedly dark turn is taken by this week’s showdown. With stars refusing to lighten up, black and a deeper shade of green served as the backdrop. As

Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga Enters Emmy 2013

Vera Farmiga earned her first Emmy nomination this year, thanks to her performance as Norma Bates in Bates Motel. And, though she didn’t win the statue

Nicki Bluhm Beach Photo

Meets Nicki Bluhm The Stylish Singer


The popular and stylish singer, Nicki Bluhm, who is attending the concert, is running a gamut from musical all-star including vocals and instruments to

Drew Barrymore

18 Celebrity Hairstyles, You Totally Forgot

The celebrity face is present everywhere. Splashed across the Internet, billboards, newspapers, etc, we see the same faces day after day. Miley can change her increasingly

Lady Gaga Look Most Floats Your Boat

Lady Gaga Look Most Floats Your Boat

The official report of the popular singer, Lady Gaga is that there are some rumors of her fever in the city of London. iTunes has conducted a festival

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