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Kate Moss designing again for Topshop

  Kate Moss is working on a new collection for Topshop after a three-year hiatus. The Topshop boss Philip Green and the supermodel have decided to revive their partnership and in April 2014, a brand new collection will launch and …

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Kate Moss Wallpaper

Kate Moss Auction over £1.5 Million


Kate Moss started working on Christie the previous night. She presented various pictures as these are prepared with plaster, oil and ink and this

Kate Moss Wallpaper

Kate Moss for Playboy: Double Confirmed

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Playboy’s editor director Jimmy Jellinek confirmed that in the 60th anniversary issue this coming Dec, Kate Moss will

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Kate Moss’s Net-A-Porter takeover

We think we know Kate Moss’s face better than our own, there are few times. We’ve analyzed the supermodel’s every pore and contour and about her latest sartorial

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