Jennifer lopez Hot Red Dress

Jennifer Lopez’s Massive Braid & Starry Eyes For New Music Video

While it approaches to music videos, J-Lo all the time reveals a statement. She posted some behind the scenes recordings from her latest ‘Feel The Light’ clip and her hair and makeup is out of this world. Do you prefer …

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Lea Michele Sexy Pose

Get Lea Michele Hot Makeup Look in 2015

Melanie Inglessis is the makeup artist of Lancome who beautified the look of Lea Michele. She said that it is a new way on the normal red lip

Kerry Washington Hot look

Get Gorgeous Look of Kerry Washington

Makeup artist Carola Gonzalez produce a natural and radiant look on Kerry Washington with very little color on her lips and cheeks in order to suite her sparkling

NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013 Eyeshadow Palette Pic

NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013

Now the hot season is in full swing and summer season demands to apply magnificent and decent color lineup. These color lineups are found in different attractive colors,

Woman and Make up

I’m Looking Pretty with Makeup

Makeup is a necessity for every woman so they apply makeup to make their facial expression good and beautiful. Without makeup, the women look bad and

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