Chic Sweater Dresses Collection 2013 Hot Dress Image

11 Chic Sweater Dresses for Keeping in Heavy Fall Rotation

There is nothing in your fall wardrobe which is more of a no-brainer than a sweater, seriously speaking. It’s not just that you are wrapped up in a body-sweatshirt only you don’t have to even worry about the situation of …

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5 reason to Love 5 Vintage Treasurers Pic

5 reason to Love 5 Vintage Treasurers

There is something magical about a vintage Chanel Piece with Chain Straps, Eponymous and the quitting. You simply about fashion Blog and Vintage Mecca from Kody

15 Necklaces easiest Outfit Transformation Collection Image

15 Necklaces of promising easiest Outfit Transformation

A great necklace has outfit transforming powers in spades is the perfect punctuation to any ensemble therefore if you have summer ready sun dresses, hats on

Miu Miu Pink Pieces of Accessories Shoulder Bag Picture

Miu Miu Pink Pieces of Dresses and Accessories

Pink is the lovely colors for women and girls and for the young children.; when you see the dresses, shoes, jewelry pieces

NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013 Eyeshadow Palette Pic

NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013

Now the hot season is in full swing and summer season demands to apply magnificent and decent color lineup. These color lineups are found in different attractive colors,

Saint Clair Jewelry Resort 2014 Image

Take Peek at Saint Clair’s First-Ever Lookbook

The jewelry collection of the fashion designer of Cameron Archer, Saint Clair has started her homegrown lines in 2010 and now it becomes favorite

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