The Man Repeller New Shoe Collection 2016


The amusing influence, faultless technical eye and unique viewpoint of Leandra Medine and her team is as important for fashion blogging as the Soylent is important for nutrition due to its digestibility and taste.

There is no fault in the choice of shoes by Medine just like her choice in jewelry and other things of fashion. In the past, we have seen her collaboration with Superga, Laurence Decade and Del Toro but now Leandra has released her latest shoe collection on 28th October 2016 which is her sole one and titled ‘MR by Man Repeller’.

The collection is available online and the 10 pieces include sandals with embellishment, luxury loafers, lace up flats and velvet over the knee boots. The printed velvet loafers are the cheapest that are available for $350 while the most expensive ones are printed embroidered over the knee boots with $795. The other shoes are available between $425 and $575.

All the designs are exclusively made by her. She told that there are no such designs which she tried to copy or make similar off and these are her own concepts. You may find it strange but they are good for the users.

Several styling tips are available from online shopping and Medine, known for her great fashion sense, advises the wearers to use the lined, shiny and decorated clothes with these shoes. The designer told that she has designed these shoes according to their choice while it was not her purpose to present other women look like her after wearing these shoes and they should choose according to their choice because it is the best style.

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