The Real Struggle Shoe Obsessions

Young woman wearing shoes

Girls usually don’t give importance to shoes but they have their own importance. Usually, men are happy with one or two pair of shoes but it’s not the case with women. They mostly have one dozen or more of pairs to them. Every girl wants to wear each of her shoe pair but in fact most of these pairs are either used seldom or not at all and they remain in their closet. The reason is the pain they cause in the feet.

I don’t wear heels much but it feels very feminine to wear them. The main issue is the pain they cause in my feet after some time. It’s really surprising to see women wearing heels all day long without any problem. Apart from pain, several other problems are created by the shoes.

We are aware that heels damage our feet but there are other shoes also. Flat shoes can also cause several problems. Even if there is no pain, you can have long term effects. You can also use such inserts that can protect you from the damages of the shoes.

You can have issues with too tight or too loose shoes also. The shoes having tight at wrong places can hurt you with blisters on your feet. You can also get fungus or corns with such shoes. Once happened, it’s difficult to get rid of them. The better thing is to visit the right kind of shoe store and get the right type of shoe after measuring your feet.

Many people are only interested in getting beautiful shoes instead of comfortable ones but that’s not the right attitude. You can get the perfect and beautiful shoe at the same time. Women are mostly interested to wear shoes matching their outfits but the real issues of shoes should not be compromised for that.

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