Top 10 Coats for a Fashion Lip Look


Bold lip colors are getting fame in the fashion world thanks to Kylie Jenner and Pat McGrath. Another important factor is the recent lip art trend of the month on Instagram. But it is just the beginning if you get the right type of metallic lipstick. In order to provide you the extreme of lipstick look, several lip top coats are supplied by several beauty brands.

Like nail polish top coats, you also apply the lip top coats on top of your regular lipstick. But there is difference between them as nail polish coats are only use to prolong time or adding shine to the nail polish while you can give a huge shine and even change the color of matte lipstick to an amazing shining one. Even without usual blending of different products, they can also change the shade of your lipstick. Apart from using it over top of lipstick, you can make a coat of the lip top coat over a balm, lip stain or even solely on our lips.

Here below, you can view few of the best lip top coats that you can choose during your next makeup shopping tour.

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