Top 15 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends From New York Fashion Week 2017


New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 has come to an end after showing hundreds of shows in seven days during strong blizzard. Now, the time has come to define the trend of the latest season. But we have seen few repetitions from the previous Spring 2017 NYFW. Wide, prepared suit jackets can be seen here which shows that the trend of 80s are still in the fashion. There is also increase in the use of velvet as this luxury and comfortable fabric can be seen in every show. Like ruffles were dominant during Spring 2017, velvet has the same place for fall 2017.

Designers use cultural styles of USA during difficult political times as we can see the use of Denim in the style along with the return of Canadian tuxes. Due to love of tights, the fashion of athleisure is also making a renaissance.

We can also see politically motivated dresses in the runways of Fall 2017 while few of them were quite obvious. Beige is completely replaced by brown color as the colors and patterns depicting female power were common on the runways during the show like clear feminine dresses, cheetah prints and true reds.

The outerwear was really fine and beautiful. You can know about the latest trend that will be use in the next season by viewing the pictures of Fall 2017 here below.


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