Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

We immediately think about body hair removal after the start of summer season with the use of shorts and swinsuits. You would require razors and strips if you are just wearing comfortable sweaters and jeans in warm weather. But it is also important to know about few additional methods before considering usual methods for hair removal. Sugaring is one such brilliant technique. Like waxing, shaving and plucking, sugaring is not a very famous hair removal method but you should know it better as this method is present since ancient times in Middle East, Greece etc. but also because it has several benefits.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is also known as sugared waxing and sugaring wax but it is quite different from traditional waxing. Founder of DAPHNE Studio in New York City, Angela Rosen, tells that the technique of traditional Egyptian sugaring include mixing of sugar with lemon and water and applying this mixture to skin which easily removes hair in the direction of hair growth without requirement of any additional tools or waxing strips.

Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

Removing hair from follicle is the biggest advantage of that technique. In shaving, hairs are only removed on the surface of skin while sugaring uprooted them completely due to which it takes very long for these hairs to return. Rosen think that there is no danger of re growth of hair for three to four weeks which is far more than shaving.

Another special quality of sugaring is its’ resistance to bacteria. Sugar also has antifungal and antibacterial properties which is an important reason of inclusion of sugar in beauty products and being part of sugaring spa treatment.

Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugaring removes the hair from its root but it do so without pulling them from skin due to which it is less painful than waxing. The reason behind this is that wax sticks to both hair and skin while sugar only attaches to hair. You can have painless hair removal with a trained sugaring professional.

You can also seek protection from any post treatment discomfort as skin doesn’t irritate while sugaring which makes it best for people with sensitive skin and you can get rid of red, inflamed or burned skin by using sugaring. Ingrown hair can also be eliminated through sugaring.

Before Trying Sugaring

You should keep few things in mind before having a sugaring appointment. The length of the hair should be between 5.5 to 7.5 mm. best results can be achieved by avoiding shave between appointments.

Sugaring can be used on abdomen, arms, bikini lines and bums. Parts of face like chin, upper lip and sideburns can also be sugared.

Salon or At-Home Sugaring Treatments?

A famous salon with trained professionals is required for this treatment. You can ask price and ingredients of sugaring services from these spas. Sugaring at home is not a good idea. Rosen says that achieving correct technique is quite difficult and it can end in few problems. Therefore, taking services of a professional is a better option for this technique.

Post Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring has few important post treatment guidelines. Open follicles of skin can irritate which requires wearing of loose clothing. Therefore, spandex and tight jeans should not be used for few days. Another thing to avoid is exercise and any other sweat producing things like hot tubs, sun exposure etc.

Ingrown hairs can be prevented by gently exfoliating the sugared area daily.

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