Victoria Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo Stays Fit With Yoga

Behati Prinsloo Hot Pictures

Famous model Behati Prinsloo (25) tells that she remained same with her fitness routine throughout the year because yoga is the base of that routine and it has become a part of her life.

Harley Pasternak is the personal trainer of Behati and actor Chad Dennis and she told that she is doing yoga with Chad under the guidance of Harley Pasternak for her work but now it has become a lifestyle for her while she started it for a specific purpose.

Another reason for the slender figure of this Namibian beauty is her strictness about the foods that she will eat or refrain from for her fitness.

She added that she always tries her best to eat as healthy and pure food as it is possible to do.

The commitment of Behati to maintain her slim figure has also awarded her. First she was taken by Adam Levine, the front man of ‘Marron 5’, and then she was selected to initiate the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret held in London. She pointed that this show was her 2014 highlight event.

The London show was held in the beginning of December 2014 and she said about the event that this show was a great achievement and honor for her and it could be termed as the highlight for her to 2014.

Behati Prinsloo Yoga

Behati Prinsloo Yoga

Behati Prinsloo Yoga Pics

Behati Prinsloo Yoga Pics

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