Vogue Japan February Cover Features Rising Top Models


Most of the famous fashion magazines remained away from multi-girl cover magazines in 2016 but the trend will be stated again in February 2017 by Vogue Japan. For the New Year, the Japanese title is presenting Anna Ewers for its January cover which is the best start of the year by the magazine. Now, Iango and Luigi will several of emerging models including Faretta, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Ruth Bell, Odette Pavlova, Agnes Akerlund, Vittoria Ceretti while Christian Dior from head to toe is their dress.

Blueorchid posted immediately that all of them look unhappy while Benn98 said that only Vittoria was looking nice among them while Yasmin was the worst as she was looking like a dead body. Apart from that, the styling was not great according to the quality of Dior.

Gazebo had the view that he has no problem with multi-girl cover but the best among the girls was Vittoria while others were just to frame her. Almost the same feelings for Vittoria were from GivenchyHomme.

Anlabe32 was in favor of Odette and Vittoria while TeeVanity liked the issue due to the simplicity and mood of the girls. The same type of approval was given by Bertrando3 and MON also.


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