Watch Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Heartbeat Song at Valentine’s Day

Kelly Clarkson Red Dress valentine's day pictures

Latest video love of Kelly Clarkson is in the air, in the image for her single ‘Heartbeat song’ singles have established a latest love after making their way out of fresh blow.

Kelly Clarkson is airing the love with her recent song and video, The American Idol alum declare the story of love lost and recently realized through the opinion of five individual in the video for her catching song ‘Heartbeat Song’.

Kelly Clarkson Red Dress valentine's day pictures

Kelly Clarkson Red Dress valentine’s day pictures

Kelly appears to have memorized all the lonely hearts out along with her recent video in Valentine’s Day.

Kelly spins and sings in the video along with her brightly colored background, as previously despairing individuals learn to recognize love again along with the new people and new potentials.

It totally fits the lyrics, which describes to the practice of finding the one while you have all however given up hope:

 “You, where the hell did you come from?
You’re a different, different kind of fun
And I’m so used to feeling numb
Now, I got pins and needles on my tongue
Anticipating what’s to come
Like a finger on a loaded gun

I can feel it rising
Temperature inside me
Haven’t felt it for a long time”

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