Watermelon Hair Summer Color Trend


Watermelon is the best fruit for summer season and it will provide you cooling and refreshing effects with fewer calories as compared to things like mickyless, crimson sweets, jubilees or other such delicious things. In response to its edible properties, we are showing a new trend taken from this fruit. It’s not about a new drink or salad but in fact beautiful people used the color of this cool fruit to dye their hair. This latest hair color trend is present there on Instagram now. It means the girls are dying their hair with green and pink colors in order to resemble the colors of this fruit which really suits them. You can use the watermelon color according to your different requirement from fiery brights to mellow pastels.

Today 3rd August is the ‘National Watermelon Day’ and we would like to present few beautiful hairstyles of watermelon color in honor of this day.

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