Wear Flattering Dress If You Have Plus Size

Wear Flattering Dress If You Have Plus Size
Wear Flattering Dress If You Have Plus Size

Wear Flattering Dress If You Have Plus Size

There are different types of fashions in dresses, footwear or other accessories. When this fashion reaches to Egyptian, they have their own tendency and they change it by adding their own touch in it. They make the thing or fashionable article into the horrible version of it.

Exhibit A: If you watch a fashion show then you will find the fashion idol after the appearance of Kim Kardashian in the tank top, heels and jeans. When this fashion is turned into the Egyptian version, then it would be with tight tank top, dirty jeans with heels. You will be disgusted with it and throw all the accessories & like to have the cardigan with the shiny and bright furla bag.

So, the girls, who have plus size, here are some of the tips for them so that they can make their look flattering with them.

1.         If you are not master of the heels, don’t try them

If there are girls, who are tall and they need plus size accessories, they should not need to walk to look for the 11 inches heels. The Egyptians like the flat shoes and these shoes are prepared for them, so the women should get the advantage of it to get the shades, sizes and designs.

If the women do not like the heels look, then they look for the wedges, which they will find chic and stable. The platform is provided for them as a second best option. If this is first time of you then you will have to face some problems.

2.         Layers are your best friend

If the people like the tummy action, then they should go to get the solid undershirt or the patterned from H&M and the women and girls will match it with their desire and they can get it with the high waist pant.

The people, who like to wear the skinny jeans with the J Lo’s butt, then they should cover it with the knee length and the dark cardigan. They can also use the wedges, which they find there and it will give the extended look.

3.         If you are veiled and not a size 8, go with solid colors or small prints

If the women have the plus size and they use the veils, they do not find the veil in the desired length, then they should like to have the small prints and the solid colors as well. The girls can also find the striped navy jackets and they do have the notice that how much it is bigger. If you buy the vertically-striped jacket, then you will find yourself the look of slimmer waist. You should wear the solid color shirt with the color of your jacket. You can wear the jacket and shirt in prints if possible or make the resemblance with the jacket in plain color. You can also make the hippie look of the dresses rather than choose the white and old veil.

4.         Dress your size – it will flatter you even more

It is also said that if you make your body slim and want to give beautiful look, then you should choose the tight dresses. If you want to wear the pant of 14 size then but you have the size of 12. The pant will be flatter looking and it will be perfect around your body. The people should wear the dresses with thigh bursting and look beautiful and pretty.

When you want to buy the tops, then you should like to get the top in light colors for the summer season. The people like to wear the shirts or tops in small but it is not good. They should wait for some time so that shirt of top of their own size come in the market. The dresses of your own size will give the perfect look with the sexy curves and you will feel relax in such dress.

5.         Choose the right belt and place it in the right place

There are different types of the belts including the big, slim, shiny and many other and some of them can be extended. The people do not know how to wear these belts properly. You should look at the size of the belly and choose the belt according to the size of the belly as the extendable belt can tie it at the middle of the belly. For this, you will have to wear the high waist pant and you should also choose the wide belt to get the slim and chic look.

If you want to wear the classical high waist pant and it will also good with the shirt, then you should choose the slim belt and make it a little bit looser. In this way, you will get the good and perfect look and there will be no pressure on any part of the body & it will come out.

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