Why You Need To Try Rose-Gold Makeup

Why You Need To Try Rose Gold Makeup
Why You Need To Try Rose Gold Makeup

Why You Need To Try Rose Gold Makeup

If you make the new and latest makeup then there are less chances to go it bad. At this point, you have to make some version of the metallic makeup. There are different gold and silver shades, which look gorgeous and it can take to the metallic games to the new level during this spring with the most favorite shade of rose gold. You can also see the pink tinged shade of colors in red colors around the eyes then you can watch it everywhere. The star makeup artist of NARS, james Boehmer, who has also created the unforgettable rose gold eyes at the Creatures of the Windfall 13 show, tells you the exact look of the makeup.

He said that rose gold being used on all skin tones, it has the perfect combination of the warm and cool shades. He also said that when these are used on the eyes, they have the contracts and it made the eyes bright and it can also give the warmth to the skin and give the radiance. It can give you the beauty trend for a spin. It is also said that the hat braids or bleached brows are being used for every one.

Boehmer has also used the pink gold shade on the eyes this season and makeup artist has also assured that you really cannot go wrong as to why and how you wear this flattering and warm shade. With the use of the rose gold, you will select this like other accessories and it is attracted to others.

Boehmer has used the monochromatic look and he started application of the cream color just like the Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil from summer 2014 color collection used as the base over eyelids & you should make it soft with the finger. The artist has also used the powder shadow on top to set the pencil. The women can also used the few coats of volumizing mascara and the use of the new Na Pali Coast multiple applied over the lips and the cheeks.

Now the women should go for the glow and it they take bath in warm spring sunlight, then it will give good looking to the women.

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