Worlds Most Incredible Light Festivals


There are many festivals, which are being celebrated around the world. You can watch these festivals spreading from the skylines of Singapore to the canals of Amsterdam. These festivals are made beautiful and colorful due to neon to lanterns so that they can create the glowing works of art.

The local people of Asia celebrate the lunar new year festival in which lanterns are used and the artists are asked to create the brain teasing installations in Europe and Australia. Some of them are created with the optical illusions of building by changing the shape and form.

It is also said that a British artist, Bruce Munro has created the beautiful lighting by covering the desert in Australia with 50,000 solar powered light bulbs. This artist has already created the light as medium and the light installations across US and Europe. He has given the title to this installation, ‘Field of Light’ and he has the passion to project it for Munro since he visited the area in 1992.

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