Zara Just Launched Its First Sustainable Collection


Recently, few small designers blamed intellectual property theft on Zara that created suspicions about the brand that reduced the fame of trendy and affordable outfit of the brand. But there is no doubt that the company is a champion in its own style of dresses and soon it will regain its place in the hearts of its fans.

The retailer, known for purchase right after you see, released its first ever prolonged used collection on Tuesday. According to its website, ‘JoinLife line’ is the name of this collection in which a woman is wearing dresses with sustainable future. This stance is quite different from the usual features of the company as it gives most importance to renew its collections in order to compete against its main rival Santa’s elves.

Now the company is providing trendy attachments in organic cotton, sustainable tancel and recycled wool in this JoinLife collection that are available at usual price of the company. The high-rise trousers, belted blazers and traditional trench are most desirable materials as they remind us of the reformation.

Like H & M, now Zara is also encouraging its customers to left their undesired clothing at their stores for necessary recycling that will really reduce the sorrow of the buyers. The company’s website says that associations like Oxfam and Red Cross will receive collected clothing items from their stores and make them use according to their requirement. The company also told that 50% of their buildings are now eco-friendly by controlling their energy consumption to reduce emission of CO2. Environmental organization Greenpeace also admitted that Inditex, Zara’s parent company, is trying its best to complete its promise of toxic-free world.

That’s quite hopeful but it’s important to see whether this eco-friendly attitude of the company remains just for a collection or it remain focused on this issue. After oil industry, the second most polluting industry of the world is fashion industry whose worth is about $2.5 trillion. Therefore, this step by a big fashion retailer can start changing the things in positive direction.

You can view the dresses of full collection here below.

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